Monday, November 20, 2006

a dieter's nirvana

One of the key components to "eating naturally" is the elimination of processed sugar from one's diet. Bypassing cake, ice cream, candy bars and the like are obvious sacrifices, but there is sugar in almost every food out there: soups, breads, ketchup, and so on. First you learn to read labels, then you just know what to avoid. Eating naturally is about eating food in its most natural state, and though organic and health foods are a vast improvement over most processed foods, they aren’t necessarily “natural.”

For the most part I haven't missed sugar—I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth before beginning this new regimen—though every now and then a little something sweet would be a wonderful thing. The other day while shopping for my “healthy” Thanksgiving turkey at Wild Oats I happened upon these little morsels. Most of the time when I check labels on items like this I expect to be disappointed, but this time around, the ingredients fell within the realm of the consumable. Yeeeehaaawwwww! Spice cookies are among my favorite (it’s no shock that the wedding cake was a spice cake), and these are incredibly moist and yummy. Thank you, Uncle Eddie, for creating nirvana for this girl’s taste buds, and for taking a bite out of the sacrifice of eating healthy!

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samtzmom said...

Those sound just yummy! Glad you were able to find something "legal" to enjoy. :c)


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