Monday, November 13, 2006

first images of the blessed event!

I don’t know how to begin to write about our wedding weekend. It was a wonderful time, and for the most part things went well. Two things stand out in my mind at the moment—in spite of very chilly weather on the day itself, there was a warmth that surrounded us from the love of those who were there to celebrate with us, and the spaces where we celebrated (including the rehearsal dinner the night before) seemed themselves to glow. The image of warmth lingers still, and that sensation continues to keep my spirits high even as family and guests have headed back home and we begin to turn our attention to the next set of “to do’s” in our own life.

I have no pictures of my own to share, and at this point only have a few that Jules has forwarded on to me so that I could have something to post here. I am hoping that others who attended will send along their pictures. It feels very strange, as a photographer, not to have been in a position to be behind the camera and snap away. Our professional photographer used film, so for digital images to share I must rely on others.

These pictures are from our first dance, when we were attempting to waltz. I say “attempt” because my dress was so long at the back (even bustled) that I kept stepping on it, and as any dancer knows, that can tend to mess you up a bit. At least there are pictures!

Back at the ranch we have opened the gifts that were brought to the reception, and now the work of thank you notes begins, not to mention finding places to put things away! At the moment the dining table is close to overflowing, but frankly, that's a problem we can live with.


Pam in Moncton said...

Anne, we just got back tonight but will send you a disc of all our pictures just as soon as I can get them all uploaded. I'll put up a few on the blog meanwhile so you can see them, but I'll send you the complete set. It was lovely to see you and Ken!

karen said...

As expected, from what I can see you did indeed look stunning!!!!!
Glad you are still basking in the joy and love of the weekend!!!!

Gail said...

You looked gorgeous Anne! I hadn't ever seen you without bangs and had to look twice to make sure that was you! Ken looks pretty delighted in those photos. Thanks for posting; we're all on pins & needles wanting to see more.

tiggerrules said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Both of you! So glad that you were able to enjoy the moments. Those are the ones that you are going to look back and remember forever. Congratulations again on your wedding and on the success of all your hard work with the planning. Aren't you glad you only have to do this once in your lifetime? :)

Kip said...

You look so pretty and so happy Anne and so does Ken of course. I heard only wonderful things about the whole weekend and wish I could have been there. I'm dying to see more pics too!


P.S. Your dress is georgous!

jan said...

WOnderful!! What a beautiful couple!! Your face is lovely without bangs, I cant stand my forehead!! LOL!! Best wished to both of you!!

samtzmom said...

I am still kicking myself that I again forgot my camera. The entire weekend was lovely and I feel priviledged to have been a part of it all. You all were glowing! Love and hugs!

Jules said...

I am so glad I got to see you both! The whole time was wonderful and filled with love and laughs! don't forget that we have a date for Winethirty soon!


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