Tuesday, November 21, 2006

oddly wonderful

Fall in Tennessee tends to be mild, and by that I mean that temperatures during the day generally range anywhere between the low 50’s into the high 70’s, with cool nights. It feels strange to me, a transplanted Yankee, who still thinks of fall as a season where colder temperatures begin to prevail by the end of October. We’ve had an unusually cold fall this year. In spite of the fact that it reached 80 on November 10, it’s been not only chilly but downright cold more often than not. Frost has prevailed, and it actually feels like winter. In fact, it feels so much like winter that the feel of the air has the effect of transporting me to New England memories. I don’t like being cold, but I don’t mind the cold weather and I love snow. The time/geography/warp that I’m experiencing is actually rather nice, and it certainly helps ease me into the spirit of the coming holidays more readily than 60 degree days would.

For the gift of memories of treasured times and places, and the joy of experiencing those feelings here and now, I give thanks.

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samtzmom said...

It has been a cooler fall this year,no doubt. I think cooler and moister, which made for some spectacular leaf colors. Glad it reminds you of times and memories in New England... :c)


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