Tuesday, August 28, 2007

beyond birth order

Toward the end of the month at St. Paul's, my associate Matt and I sign birthday postcards that go out to members of the parish. He mentioned that as he went through the stack for September he was struck by how frequently family members shared the same birth month, or at least proximity. He noted that two of his own children had birthdays within a few weeks of their mother, and that within his extended family there were a number of blood-related kin who also shared birthdates within proximity of each other.

I got to thinking--my father and younger brother are both Februray babies, 11 days apart. My father and his mother are 8 days apart. My mother and her mother were both born in March, 20 days apart. Ken and his daughter are just over a week apart.

We speculated about genetic code. Does the survival of a person to reproductive age give a message to egg and sperm that now is a good time to launch? We have no data other than what was immediately available to us, and no scientific knowledge to back any theory that came to mind. But it sure got us to wondering!

What's the story in your familiy?


karen said...

Funny you should ask, Anne...
Mom and nephew share January
Brother and sister share March, along with both maternal grandparents, who were the 14th.
Sister, her exDH and son 19th, 20th and 21st of June
My brother and I share the same July 15th BD, Dad also July. Jan and I, 10 days apart in July!!
So there you have it...something to be said for the BD thing!!!!

madcow said...

Well one rather short, cynical woman in our family did wonder out loud one day at a family gathering "so you were all bored and had nothing better to do after the New Year/summer huh?". Starts 3rd Oct with son, 4th mum, 10th brother, 25th neice, 29th me, 4th Nov neice, & about a week later another neice & a nephew... so rather than any fancy schmancy genetic code I think our family just likes summer sex! LOL

Jayne said...

Blew it here... one February baby, one March baby, one July baby, and one November baby. But... does it count that I was born on my paternal grandfather's birthday and my sister was born on my paternal grandmother's birthday? :c)

Jules said...

My mom and I have(had) b'days 2 wks apart but that is it for my family.


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