Saturday, August 25, 2007

heaven has descended

Publix has arrived! This is probably news not worthy of sharing or reading for anyone still reading this blog, but for us this is monumental. We have been waiting for MONTHS for the store to open, and it did, at last, this week. We made our first visit today, and were thrilled with the offerings.

For me, better organic and healthy food choices, and overall, better quality of food (especially the avocados!). For Ken, better choices all around, and the deli section is top notch. We went with a list of three items, two of which we forget to procure, and nonetheless came home with a cart full of food and a steak for dinner.

In other news, I staffed the Pampered Chef booth at the county fair last night, enduring at least 100 degrees at the start, and enjoying a brief, 15 minute thunderstorm just as I arrived home at 10:30. I procured a few promising leads, but my show schedule for the next month is pretty solid, and I've got momentum following a good July and a good month this month. Now if only I could land a recruit! All in due time...

Can't think of what else has transpired because the days have been pretty full of work, and more work (good work, it should be noted, and enjoyable). Our drought and excessive heat (two weeks straight of 103-110 degreees) has led to brown trees and crunchy grass. The landscape almost looks like California without sprinkler systems.
I had a PC show this morning, and two more tomorrow and Monday night, so the next few days will be busy! I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend, even if it does mean preaching (I've had two Sundays of sharing the pulpit with others and it makes for a much more relaxing weekend). Will try to report anything worthy as I'm able.
Stay cool and dry, wherever you are!


Jules said...

Bravo my friend on your solid schedule for September. and for getting a Publix! Yeah

Jayne said...

Nothing like good fresh, pretty produce! Congrats on getting such a wonderful store with great variety.


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