Friday, August 03, 2007


There are times when you have to wonder what is up in the universe. For instance:

~At St. Paul's we were talking about using technology to view webcasts of programs of interest to the church, specifically the annual, three-day "Trinity Institute" program from Trinity Church, Wall Street. The next day we received an email about this winter's TI program.

~At the office some of the staff were looking at the recent Vera Bradley catalog, and I commented that when I had looked through it I concluded that it was time to indulge and break down and get one of her bags for myself. The next day in the mail a late birthday present arrived--a Vera Bradley tote bag (LOVE it!).

~My colleague and I have been talking about launching a "spirituality and the arts" group at the church, tapping the talent and energy of a multitude of parishioners here who are talented in both the visual and performing arts. We then receive a call from a faculty member at Middle Tennessee State University, located a few blocks from us, looking for a place for their "Artist's Way" group to meet.

One of the great benefits of coming to work at St. Paul's is the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with others through regular and ongoing contact. That is something I have missed in the isolation of working form home (much as I enjoy other aspects of that life). Who knows what other synchronistic items will emerge as I have more time and connection with the people in this place?

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Jules said...

Love this post! It seems to have tinges of the "if we build it, they will come" philosophy from "Field of Dreams". Sure wish your church was closer to me...and you!

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