Thursday, August 16, 2007

h o t

It's all relative. The forecast for tomorrow proclaims that the high temperature for the day will be a full ten degrees cooler than it is right now. A cold front! Well, hardly. Tomorrow's high is set for 100, which means--yes, you guessed it--it is 110 degrees out right now. I have abandoned the plants. An hour of water with the soaking hose is good for about half a day, and our water bill, well, it is making the city happy, but making us poorer. My hydrangeas are the top priority and will continue to get a drink, but the rest are history.

Sigh. The combined summer-long drought and this lengthy heat spell have also doomed many of the trees. Leaves have turned brown and are beginning to drop. There will be no fall color to speak of, and I worry a bit about how some of our beloved trees will put forth buds for next year. Mother nature has been cruel thus far, with the late freeze that killed new growth, and now this unrelenting, beastly summer. How do I spell relief? W I N T E R!!!

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