Thursday, September 13, 2007

thursday already?

I never seem to have time in the mornings to get to this blog, and there definitely aren't many occasions of late to take pictures to post! I do have a few, however, from a recent Pampered Chef open house that I held to preview the new fall products. Cookbooks are on sale this month for $10 (email me if you want one--it's a great deal!), so I made a recipe from each of the ones that I had to promote those. PC not only has great products, but wonderful recipes, too! As usual the week is flying by and there are more things to do than I seem to have time to accommodate. Eeek! As I type I've got my eye on the clock to get out the door to a morning meeting, then head to church for my virtual Friday. Let's see: gas, calendar, notes for the day, notebook, lunch... y'all have a good one!

1 comment:

Kip said...

You are something else...before we know it, you'll be PC champ of the world! Good for you and I'm glad you found something you really like to do AND make money at it!!


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