Saturday, September 22, 2007

working through the list

I have a list about a mile long of things I had hoped to get done yesterday on my day off. I accomplished two of them. The week had been so busy that just to have time to be home and piddle around was its own reward. I can shift yesterday's list to today just as easily! Plus, the first part of the shipment of stuff from my PC open house was delivered yesterday (all the cookware!), so I can get that delivered today.

Tried a new PC recipe for bbq ribs that was great. Start 'em in the microwave! The sauce was mmm good, as well. I'm happy to share the recipe if anyone is interested.

Ken is making progress on his work at Melrose. All the replacement windows for the kitchen, dining room and two bedrooms are now in, and painting is underway. He's encountering problems along the way, which we expect at Melrose, but tending to those as he comes upon them slows down the efforts. The latest was a leaking roof over a storage room. Check out the damage he uncovered! Who knows how long that has been brewing, but he's getting it fixed. It may well be that by the time he is done he will have rebuilt half the house!
The morning is pushing onward so I'm going to go tackle the list. My parting thought is to reflect on one life-giving thing that happened yesterday. I did manage to deal with one of the piles on the dining table, and shuffled some things around on my desk to help open up the desktop. That was very satisfying, and offered a sense of accomplishment. Works for me.
Dooley is barking for breakfast, so I really MUST go!

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