Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday when I arrived at church a jar of zinnias was waiting for me at the door to my office. I don't know who the flower elf is, but I'm delighted with the gift! I love zinnias--reminds me of the days when we planted gardens as kids, and Mom usually has them in her garden beds. I need to remember to include them next year in my own garden!

Another busy week ahead. What else is new? This morning I need to make a run to the store to get some groceries to make a dish for tonight's PC meeting. I had signed up to be food coordinator, a thankless job, since most of it is spent on the phone trying to reach people. (The first time I made calls I only got answering machines!) I've got two flakers, which means I will double a recipe to make up for their negligence. Not what I anticipated doing with my morning!

Off to the shower and on with my day. Hope it's a good week for one and all.


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Busy busy lady and beautiful flowers...hurry December and the visit from you!


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