Thursday, November 15, 2007

the best 99 cents you'll ever spend

It's a simple thing. 99 cents for a reusable grocery bag. Why aren't we all doing this? I cringe when I see grocery carts filled with plastic bags that will be thrown into the trash. I cringe when I see baggers place one item into one of those plastic bags simply for ease of carrying. So much will fit into these bags, and with a box-style construction they are easy to carry. We have four of them (thank you, Publix!), and in addition two mesh bags that are less favorable but worth having. They only cost 99 cents. You could, of course, purchase a canvas variety from Pottery Barn for $39, but why? Yes, they are sturdier and will last longer, but the cost differential should be convincing enough. Repeat after me: no more plastic!


karen said...

Yes, Anne....I bought mine at Whole Foods....why diodn't someone think of this sooner!!! No more saving of plastic grocery bags to take to recycling....when the mountian gets so large!!!!

Pam in Moncton said...

We have those too, from Sobey's, a grocery chain here. They are $0.99 too and made of a plasticised, completely recyclable, fabric, with sturdy twill handles. The hold a lot and things carried in them feel lighter than if carried in a plastic bag, probably because of the handle construction. When they tear, they are replaced free at the store, which means the $0.99 is a lifetime cost! I have rather a large pile of them, actually, as a couple of times I forgot my bags at home and had to buy new ones. Love them!

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