Thursday, November 08, 2007

it it's thursday...

... then it's the fifth day of the week! Time is absolutely flying, and the hours of each day are packed with things to do, AND getting them done! No complaints here about that! I would like a little more leisure in my schedule, but these days that is hard to come by. This, too, shall pass.

We continue to have some fabulous fall weather, and finally had a frost the other night that zapped my impatiens. I was leaving them in the ground for color, but now it's time for them to go! I may replace them with hardy pansies, but then again, there is so little time to tend to a garden that I'll just be happy to get daffodil bulbs planted.

This morning I am "presenting" my Pampered Chef business at a local networking chapter to which I belong. Each week two members have eight minutes to do a schpiel, and today is my day. I'm trying to decide what products to take for display (there won't be a sales pitch), and need to make that decision soon!

Tonight I am having dinner with my "new friends" of several posts ago, and will also bless the house of the host. The previous owner died in the house, and let's just say that there is some discomfort about that! Tomorrow I am off, and have no immediate plans!

Hope it's been a good week and continues to be for y'all! Janet, this picture is for you!

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Janet M said...

Anne, that's a great bear picture, I'm still on the search to see one to photograph myself. Someday!
Glad to see your above news on the bank, it sounds like really good progress.
Hugs to you and say "hi" to Ken.

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