Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Most of you who read this blog have either seen this posted or received an email, but I am duty bound as a proud grandmother to report the news that HE'S HERE!!!! Luke Christian Hamilton arrived yesterday afternoon to the waiting and loving arms of his parents, and was soon greeted by his uncle who had existing plans to fly in last night to start his block leave. Lucky Junior! He's been referring to this baby as his nephew from day one, so you just know that he is beaming.

We won't be able to wrap our arms around the little fellow until a week from today, and it's practically killing us! I am taking as compensation having a little time to shop for him before we go, now that we know Luke's sex.

If I can figure out how to email pictures from my phone before we get any via email I'll post those, but for now you will have to wait for images of our new dear one.

Welcome darling Luke. We love you!!!!

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