Saturday, December 22, 2007

random thoughts while wrapping

A quick status report (because I know how eager you all are to learn about the status of my sanity):

Christmas letters: Saturday, 22 December, 10:54 AM CST-- folded, signed, addressed, stuffed, sealed, stamped and in the mail! (exception: those going out of the country need to have postage calculated--I'll get to that...)
Shopping: Friday, 21 December, 5:45 PM CST -- done!
Christmas music: constant!
Wrapping: one out-of-country (that would be you, Clare), and four out-of-state households are wrapped. At least two to go.
Shipping: not a chance
Baking: still a figment of my imagination

Now to my musings. I was wrapping a package for Katie (four in January), using gold metallic ribbon. I imagined her first sight of it and could hear her voice saying, "ooh, pretty." And then I got to thinking, how would she know something is pretty? I suspect that in our early years we simply mimic our parents when they admire something beautiful. We begin to think as they do about what is beautiful. But eventually we develop our own tastes, preferences and ideas about what constitutes beauty.

Where do you suppose that comes from? Is there an aesthetic gene (there must be, because I'm convinced that some people lack it entirely)? And what makes some people love purple and others abhor it? Why are some minimalists in decorating while others go crazy with ruffles? Modern style versus French provincial? You get my drift. I have never given this one moment's thought before, and now I'm really intrigued about how it is that our sense of the aesthetic gets shaped and formed. Although some of what we prefer comes from what we have learned, I am convinced that there is something inate that determines our likes and dislikes. Just curious.


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