Sunday, December 09, 2007

road trip!

I left for Florida Thursday morning, but it wasn't until yesterday that I was able to get an internet connection to post here. It is divine being here. The air smells different, the culture is different, and it's a delight to be on vacation with beloved friends.
Far too much activity has taken place to recount the details to this point (although Kip's blog does a great job!--see link to the right!). I spent the first almost 24 hours with Jules and E at their place in Tarpon Springs, north of Tampa. Little did I know that TS is the sponge capitol of the world, and inhabited almost entirely by Greeks! What fun it was exploring some of the town with Jules and soaking up the transplanted culture.

Friday Jules and I picked up Kip to head to Anna Maria Island and Janet's house where we would begin what has been dubbed "The Goddess Weekend." (We happened on a couple of t-shirts with four women drawn and depicted as the four goddesses--the perfect subtitle for us). Janet's house is amazing, with a fabulous view of the water. It pales, however, to the delight of being with good friends, of laughing, playing, eating, drinking and toasting to the glory of good relationships and shared times together. Here are a few pics that tell a little something of our tales...

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