Saturday, December 15, 2007


Since my return home our skies have been gray and the weather has turned raw. I am grateful for the recent memories of sunny Florida days and breezes at a time like this! It's cloudy here at home as well. Our dear Mr. Grumpy (affectionately named), better known as Dooley, has congestive heart failure. He'd been hacking and wheezing for a few days before I went to Florida, and a trip to the vet yielded a diagnosis of bronchitis and a dose of antibiotics. Since I left the next day I couldn't monitor any changes with him, and though in some respects he seemed better, this morning he was definitely feeling punk. Our vet isn't open on Saturdays, so we headed elsewhere for care, an x-ray, blood work, and so on. An exam indicated a heart murmur, and the x-ray showed an enlarged heart and pulmonary edema. Poor Dooley. He received an injection of lasix and two sets of pills for treatment. He is glad to be home, and I am glad to have him on his way to better health. Time to put on some Christmas music, turn on the lights, light some candles, and inspire a cheerier mood. Who knows, we might even bake some cookies!


Jayne said...

Poor Dooley... hope he's feeling better soon. :c)

Janet M said...

Sorry to hear that Dooley isn't feeling very good. I hope he starts to with the meds that vet gave him.
Last weekend was wonderful, I'm so glad to could all get together, the laughs were so good for all of us.
Hopefully next time Kip can give us some stamping tips and teach us a short class!!

Kip said...

So sorry to hear about poor Dooley and hope he gets well soon. It was wonderful seeing you last week can't stay away that long!

Jules said...

I think Dooley is on the same meds as Hope that little guy is better ASAP!


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