Wednesday, April 02, 2008

adventures in dogland -- sounds of spring

A couple of days ago I heard an exclamation from the other room, "OH, my GOD. Rigel!" I hurried to Ken's office and took one look at the dog. His cheeks were swollen significantly, and the skin around his eyes were puffy to the point of leaving small slits through which he could see. My first thought: stung or bitten by something. My first fear: what if his throat swells closed? There was no time to grab the camera (much as I would love to share that image). I needed shoes for my feet and then we loaded Rigel into the car and high-tailed it to the vet. Not knowing what sort of discomfort or anxiety Rigel was facing I sat in the back seat with him on that ride. Two shots of benadryl and prednasone later we were on our way with one comforting thought: if this happens again, his throat won't close. Apparently that doesn't happen to dogs. We have extra doses of prednasone to give him and benadryl on hand. Poor baby. Think he'll learn anything from this? Naaaahhhhhh.
The blossoms on the trees should be enough to let me know that spring has really arrived (and it has been beautiful compared to last year's freeze-out), but the real sign is the sound of the lawnmower at work! I heard the first one yesterday from across the street, but this morning it comes from my own yard where Ken is tackling the stubbly and irrascible growth that passes for a lawn at our house. Ah, spring. I'm eager to get to work at the back of the yard to prepare a real garden bed for forsythia, azalea, rhododendron, daffodils, black-eyed Susans and other favorites. The trashy look is so passe! I'm hoping we will have some decent spring temperatures in which to accomplish that preparation before heat and humidity descend.

And now for some visual relief from all this text, a collage of a few more pics from our getaway.
The vase of flowers were a gift from Ken, waiting for us in our room when we arrived.

Happy April, y'all!

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Jayne said...

Poor poor Rigel... glad all turned out well for the poor baby. Such beautiful images of spring!


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