Sunday, April 20, 2008

on the road

Literally, the road portion of this trip has been beautiful. The redwood still have vibrant color, and dogwood are abundant in this mid-south-east section of God's world. Traveling through the rolling hills and mountainous regions of middle to east Tennessee and western North Carolina have been breathtaking as we have been delighted by these colors against the burgeoning early green of spring. Ahhhh.....

The first leg of our trip was delightful. We visited old friends (of mine, new for Ken) from Lebanon who are now in Davidson, NC. It was a special treat for me to see Davidson, settled by ancestors of that name, and its college, named for a great-great----great-grandfather (I'd have to check the family tree to see just how many greats there are--he was a Revolutionary War general). We laughed and chatted way past our bedtimes Friday night.

Saturday morning we headed to the family reunion, the purpose for our NC jaunt. It was a first for this family--the siblings of Ken's father and their offspring, but pretty well attended (although Ken's father wasn't there!). We enjoyed our time with them before shuffling off to the next stop on our itinerary, my goddaughter's family. More on that visit with the next report, but I wanted to check in while I had the chance.

Hope y'all are well!

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Jules said...

I love your beautiful flower photos...we do miss the dog wood here! Hope you had fun at the reunion. Love you!


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