Friday, April 04, 2008


1) Junior is back! He has returned safely from his last deployment in Afghanistan, and now we simply count the days until his five-year stint in the army comes to an end. At that point he will be moving here for a duration as yet undetermined. While he's here he will assist Ken in his work, and we will be thrilled to have him.

2) My nephew, Jesse, has heard from all the colleges to which he applied and got into them all. Most importantly, he received his acceptance from his first choice, Middlebury College, in Middlebury, VT. We're all proud and happy for him! Jesse is so thrilled that he has already put the college decal that came with his acceptance letter onto his car.

3) Recipe for great smashed potatoes: add carmelized onions, garlic, buttermilk, and aged cheddar along with salt and pepper. Yummmmmm!!!!


Jules said...

So glad to hear Junior is home! Loved reading about your 'walk'. Got this wonderful pkg from you waiting when I returned from the cruise...many thanks! I miss you!

Jayne said...

Lovely snippets! So glad Junior is home safe and sound. :c) Mmmm.... those smashed potatoes sound yummy. Go Jesse!


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