Monday, April 28, 2008

approaching storm

One of the wonderful things about Melrose is that whether it rains or shines, the view is always something to watch. On a clear day the view front the front porch can exceed 40 miles, extending over a series of hills, across the Savannah River (which you can't see) and over the Georgia hills to the west. That view inspired the family tradition of enjoying happy hour while watching the sun set, and from time to time I have shared some of those photos with you.

Equally enjoyable is to watch an impending storm as it moves toward us from the west. The hills begin to disappear from view as the rain blurs their existence, and as the rain itself makes its way toward the house you can literally watch the wall of raindrops approach.

On our last night we watched such a storm, and I decided to try to document its approach. The post below is a sequence of pictures that begins with a broad sweep of the view as I sat on the porch steps. A wisteria arbor frames the front. Subsequent photos reveal the image that appears between the wisteria posts. The final picture is taken after the storm has passed, with the mist bearing witness to its power.


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