Friday, May 23, 2008


We are so thankful. Ema is doing fine and appears to be out of the woods. She is home after two days of IV fluids and antibiotics to fight secondary infection, and cute as ever. She has grown but is skinny, having lost weight through this ordeal. We have countering opinions from different vets about how to proceed with care, and are erring on the side of caution.

Yesterday we disinfected the house. Bleach is the only known killer of the parvo virus, so a bleach/water solution has been applied to all manner of things: the carpets, clothing, surface areas, garbage cans, floors, bedding, furniture... it was a brutal day of cleaning yesterday but our carpets have never looked better, and the house has probably never smelled cleaner. And I am sore!

In other news a new computer is on order but probably won't be here for another two weeks. Ugh! This is a great chance to get the office cleaned up without the distractions of being on the computer (it's just not the same being on someone else's, even if it is Ken's!), but there's hardly been an idle moment. We have company this weekend, a friend of Junior's and her fifteen-month old daughter, so I don't envision a significant chunk of available time until next week.

Off to the shower and then on to an appointment downtown. Hope it's a wonderful day and weekend for all!

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Jules said...

So glad to hear that dear pup is doing better! Have fun with your company...thinking of you every day, Jules


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