Tuesday, May 20, 2008

puppy prayers

We learned tonight that sweet Ema has contracted the parvo virus. This is dangerous for any dog, but especially so for puppies, who have not developed their immune system. She was due to get her parvo vaccination in a couple of weeks. Tonight she is being cared for by a 24-hour vet center. We are all distraught, and I am praying hard that this delightful puppy will persevere. There have been too many losses these last few months, and Junior's heart is breaking.


madcow said...

OH NO! Poor baby! Poor you! Poor Junior!
Please let me know as soon as you hear ... I hate that parvo.

karen said...

Oh, My Keeping Sweet Emma in my prayers!!!

Jules said...

Oh no...that poor baby and her poor owner too. Hoping that the vets can help! So sorry to hear this! Love you!

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh so sorry about dear Ema. Praying she will recover and for you (all her "parents").


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