Tuesday, September 02, 2008

before and after

Here are pics of the Adirondack chairs that I painted recently, sitting on our new deck! The lighting was less than ideal when I shot the "before" picture (backlit--I still don't know how to force the flash on my camera!), but you get the idea. I found an Adirondack-style side table on Overstock.com that is winging its way to us as I type, and plan to paint it to match (unless I leave it as a contrasting piece). I also found some fabric to make some pillows (much harder than I anticipated--this shade of green, somewhere between avocado and apple-green, is tough to match!), so once that task is accomplished this will begin to look like a real seating area!
There have been requests for a picture of the deck. I haven't done that yet because there are still a few touches needed: a railing on one side, for instance, and stairs! The railing is waiting on a little problem-solving effort (and then the time to implement the solution and install the railing), and the steps are waiting on some ground-leveling to take place, which in turn is waiting on other things! At the moment the deck is essentially a platform, but we're loving it nonetheless (as are the dogs). It's still a little strange to look out the living room window and see it there!

Stay tuned for pics of the above-mentioned upgrades to the chairs, and who knows, maybe even the deck "in progress."

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Jayne said...

WOW! Lookie at what you created today! You've been busy girlie! I love the new look and your photo from Melrose is PERFECT for your blog! :c)

Can't wait to see the new deck photos too! So very proud OF you and FOR you!

Much love and warm, tight hugs!


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