Friday, August 20, 2010

friday five: the urge to purge

the need to declutter in my space is evident!
At RevGals Jan hit on a familiar topic: Since posting about decluttering, I am still muttering about the need for it in my house. How about you?

1. What things do you like to hang on to?
Photos. Though I have gotten very good at getting rid of pictures that are blurry, full of the backs of peoples heads (you know, those group shots taken in a room where people are mingling or sitting around tables), or redundant.

2. What is hard to let go of?
Things given to me by people I love when those things aren't my taste or don't have a place to "live" except out of sight.

3. What is easy to give away?
Clothes! I have no problem separating myself from what I no longer wear. The harder part is holding on to clothes I think I might fit into again one day. But even there I am getting better at giving those away.

4. Is there any kind of stumbling block connected with cleaning out?
The realization that my life has changed since I acquired various stashes of things: paper for scrapbooking, supplies for stained glass, a full on rainbow of embroidery floss for needlework, even fabric. Since marrying I haven't figured out how to appropriate time for those things. It's something that plagues me and needs attention. I don't mind paring down and parting with things, but neither do I want to yield these supplies with regret.

5. What do you like to collect, hoard, or admire?
It used to be scrapbook paper, but even after paring down I still have a very nice stash. I think fabric is my real achilles heel. Got lots of it, and I ache for more.

Bonus: Tell us about recycling or whatever you can think of that goes along with this muttering about cluttering.
I try to find places or people to give the things with which I am parting: Goodwill for clothes and household goods, the local Senior Center for craft items, and so on. I don't want anything to go to waste on my watch.
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angela said...

When I get frustrated I sometimes go through and clean a bunch out at one time. So the candlemaking and soapmaking and tile breakers are all gone...

Mompriest said...

I'm with you on the recycling and hanging on to craft - I have a lot of yarn to use up!

Purple said...

I am slowly re-accumulating items in the "Craft" catagory. Great photo.

The Bug said...

I feel a strong urge to get rid of my rubber stamping stuff. I used to send a birthday card to every family member AND I made our Christmas cards. But I slowly stopped messing with it (I think blogging is meeting my creative needs now) & I don't think I've made any cards since Christmas. However, I invested a lot of money in those things - what if I got the urge to create again? It's a dilemma because it would free up a lot of space!

Betsy said...

I am so with you on #2! I feel like I am giving away the person or something like that if I give away their gift. A few years ago, I began to allow myself to 1) accept that wasn't true, and 2) take digital photos of some items and then give them away, so I could keep the memory but reclaim the space. But I know I will still struggle with it...

Jules said...

You need to scrap that before and after picture. I redid my closet getting rid of everything that no longer fit and now I seem to need to do it again.

The thing about decluttering for me is that you have to keep on it in a consistent manner and I'd rather,

At least we haven't been invited to be on the Hoarders tv show yet!

Jayne said...

I wish I had a way to keep a shredder in the kitchen so that I could simply shred all those papers that come in the mail you don't want to toss in the trash? I end up with piles of piles of it which I "eventually" shred, but I wish I could train myself to do it as I hold it in my hand! I'd love to do away with the "Bermuda Triangle Corner" (as hubby calls it) in the kitchen.

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