Saturday, August 28, 2010

we love our dogs

Saturday night we trundled off to a small town in the southeastern corner of the county to celebrate our love for dogs. The local "New Leash on Life," formerly the county humane association, sponsored this fundraising event known as the Watertown Art Crawl. Local artisan shops hosted galleries of work by a variety of local artists featuring dogs, of course, and other works that might appeal to animal-lovers. Each of the sponsoring shops (four of them) offered hospitality by way of wine and nibbles, and one, a bakery, had lip-smacking offerings for sale, as well (see strawberry tarts, above).

I actually bid on a couple of pieces via silent auction, but was outbid by others. No harm done. One of them I would have given to my veterinarian friend in St. Louis, Caroline. The other was a nice, colorful rendering of four houses with a scriptural quote that would have gone in my office at the church. I guess my spare change can be hoarded in the jar in the bedroom for another month.

Events like this always inspire me. I feel moved to create something doggish that I can offer for next year's Crawl to help support the efforts of New Leash. I've got a year to work on it, after all! For now we're content to have supported a good cause and had a fun night out.


Jayne said...

There seems to be so much more awareness these days of supporting local shelters and that's such a great thing! Glad it was a fun night out. :c)

The Bug said...

Now if you're like me, having a year to do something is killer! I would either have to give myself a tickler in six months or go ahead & do it now. If I did it now I'd have to give myself a reminder as to where I put it (I seriously have to do this with calendars we get in the mail - we already have 2011 calendars!). said...

Yum -- those tarts look FABULOUS!

PS: I passed on award or two to you today -- you deserve it!


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