Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this and that

I'm feeling uninspired this morning, so I've decided to steal from someone else's blog. Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl posted these questions yesterday, so I'm simply answering them here instead of at her place. Anyone want to play? Post your answers in the comments if you would.

1. What’s your favorite summertime drink?
That would be a gin and tonic when I want an adult beverage. Otherwise I pretty much stick to water with lots of ice.
2. When were you last in Ocean waters?
Technically, when I was on a cruise four years ago. With my own feet in the water? Summer of '05. Body in the water? (hiding my head, thinking it can't be this long ago) Summer of '97, in the Bahamas.

3. When did you last attend a sporting event?
I honestly can't remember. Does watching a game on TV count? I attended virtually! We often watch golf on the weekends (I love Tiger Woods). Oh, wait! Last summer we went to a ball game in which two of our young parishioners were playing!

4. What is your first name? How do you feel about it?
First name is Anne, named after the Ann above. I didn't like it when I was "young." My brothers and their friends would call me Annie Fanny. To this day I hate to be called Annie, although a handful of people can call me that without it making me cringe. Like my high school french teacher!  Otherwise I think I've grown into my name. If only people would spell it correctly now and then!

5. Can you keep a secret?
You bet.


The Bug said...

Hmmm - you're making me think this morning.

1. I'm a water drinker too - although I like my diet soda too.
2. Dr. M & I went to Hilton Head in 2007 I think? But it was January so I'm pretty sure only my feet got wet. I'm thinking the cruise with my family in 2004 was the last time I got IN the ocean.
3. Last fall we went to a football game at Dr. M's new school.
4. Dana. I didn't like it when I was younger - you couldn't find it on any personalized notes or anything, and besides which it was also a boy's name! I'm ok with it now.
5. Sometimes. I usually tell Dr. M.

Jayne said...

I love Kate's questions and I LOVE your new profile photo! So cute!!


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