Sunday, August 01, 2010

mazel tov

There seems to be a great deal of fussing and controversy over Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky's nuptials. Pooh on the lot of you. Whatever your feelings about the Clinton's, Chelsea did nothing to deserve the torrent of wretchedness that is being expressed. If anything, for all that she has endured over the years in the public eye, we should celebrate this time of joy in her life. Want to complain about how much this wedding cost (not that it's anyone's business)? Think about how it has stimulated the economy!

I am thrilled to see the pictures of her looking so radiantly happy, and wish the couple nothing but the best. Mazel tov, Chelsea and Marc. May your life together be long and happy.
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Jan said...

Well said, Anne. Weddings are so joyous that I hope they continue in that happiness.

Jayne said...

I felt so sorry for them that the entire media frenzy descended upon their wedding site trying to get all the details. Leave the poor girl alone and let her have a private wedding! Geeezzz!


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