Friday, March 18, 2011

friday five: springing forward

picture taken by my Mom
At RevGals Jan writes: Whether we liked it or not, we all "sprang forward" with the change to daylight savings time in the USA this past Sunday. There is lightness and brightness slipping in as spring approaches, so let us consider what is springing forth in our lives right now.
Name 5 things that are springing forth, possibly including :

1) What I hope for
There are lots of things around our modest homestead that need attention. We need to fence the yard for the dogs; replace the living room and hall carpet (with hardwood); repair the riding mower (ca-ching!); get a second car... None of these things fall under the usual type of discretionary spending, and our budget is stretched thin over bare bones. I have the means to generate the income necessary (over time) to fund the above through Pampered Chef. My problem: procrastination and phone phobia. The good news is that I used to have a Serious Case of phone phobia. Now it's a modest case. What I hope for is to build and sustain the momentum necessary to build my business. I keep saying this, I know. I'm stuck on a sandbar of my own making, and need to float myself free. What I hope for is the epiphany that will free me for good, and not for a season.
2) What I dread
The heat of summer. And the humidity.
3) What I observe
I need to address aspects of my leadership style. I have good skills in leadership, and I am discovering that those skills need to be complemented by other gifts. This is a good thing, and it will require some serious discernment, prayer and practice to bring to fruition.
4) What is concrete
The perpetual challenge to influence attitudes for the good.
5) What is intangible
Hope that attitudes can be changed for the good.


Mary Beth said...

Yay for you! As another phone phobic, I often put a sticker on my daily to-do list after a task I don't a phone call.

Yes, I am not 3 years old. But it helps. :)

angela said...

Amen on that humidity.

Like you and Mary Beth, I am a phone phobic too. I have to pressure myself and sometimes write the whole conversation.

Oh, and I like what you say about attitudes. Not that we can change other peoples' but we can re-frame what we say so that someone has to re-think and the outcome is usually positive. I learned about that mostly in working with teenagers.

The Bug said...

LOVE your new banner! It inspired me to change my desktop on the computer here at work - I couldn't find my crocus picture, but I found one of sheep :)

I think we should all have a weekly conference call to address our phone phobias. I jest - & it wouldn't really work, because I don't mind talking to FRIENDS on the phone, it's all those pesky strangers that make me mute. Fortunately I've gotten better over the years simply because I have to in my job. I like Angela's idea of writing a script.

Terri said...

yes, your blog is beautiful. and, yes, it is a perptual challenge to try and influence attitudes for the good...

and, I too had a phone phobia, but I'm working through it, too.


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