Friday, March 04, 2011

laying the groundwork

This is one of my trees. It's in a frame with glass, so I had to take the picture without a flash, which meant natural light=slow shutter speed=some blurriness. The medium is scratchboard, a sort of chalky film-covered paper over which India ink was painted. The ink is then scratched off to reveal the white layer beneath. As you can see, what you get is a reverse/negative image. I need to reframe this one of these days. The mat is aged and yellowed, and the frame itself has taken some hits over the years, damaging it. Not surprising, since I etched this nearly 40 years ago! Anyway, I thought I would show you one of my trees.

I spent a good part of yesterday starting to clean my office/creative space. Space is essential in order to work! I am pleased to report that I got a fair amount done, and even vacuumed and shampooed the carpet! This is quite an accomplishment since there were all sorts of things set on the floor, and navigating around the room, especially for Juliet, had become treacherous (she's a big dog and needs more room to maneuver).

As I anticipated having clear space in which to work, I started to think about what sort of project I might choose to knock the rust off my inner artist. Except for watercolor and icons, I've note done any painting without the materials being provided and project assigned. As in high school. I haven't a clue, with acrylics, if I should use some sort of canvas or heavy paper. ??? Until I can determine that I've decided to start in park, with the engine running, and put pencil to paper. Drawing seems like a good way to warm up.

I actually took a drawing class while I was in seminary, but after nine weeks of sketching masterpieces (drawing with pencil in a small pad), drawing my surroundings, and in class tackling the underwhelming subject matter of still life in the form of boxes and chairs, I bailed. I hadn't learned a dang thing, and the whole point of taking the class was to learn something. I digress.

This is my progress report. There is progress in the preparation department. I think I know where I can find a drawing pad, and I know where my pencils are. Securing an eraser is the next material task, and then?

I'll keep you posted.

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The Bug said...

LOVE the tree! You are quite talented Ms. Reverent Irreverence. I can't wait to see what you do. I think I've said that before :)


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