Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday notebook

(True confessions: I stole this from someone's blog that I visited earlier in the week, but I can't remember who it was. I'll try to work on that to give proper attribution)

Outside my window …Bradford Pears are in bloom across the street, daffodils are preening in the yards of my neighbors, and the grass is greening up everywhere!

I am thinking …that military intervention in Libya is madness. 

I am thankful for … the inspiration I find in the lives and work and creations of people I know in real life, and in cyberland.

I am hoping … to stay awake this afternoon and get on the phone to make some Pampered Chef calls.  And get Christmas boxes up to the attic.

On my mind … the people of Japan, Haiti, Libya, and other places who live in ruins, face danger, and are otherwise oppressed.

Noticing that … my pants fit just a bit better today!

A few plans for the week … getting the aforementioned Christmas boxes put away, continuing to clean in my office, church newsletter, the next cross stitch project.

From the kitchen … soup, of some description.

Around the house … deodorizing the evidence of a certain dog.

One of my favorite things … the blooms of spring. I LOVE this time of year!

A picture I am sharing … facebook friends have already seen this, but here is the pre-framed finished birth record for Cross:
I'll post pictures of both birth records in their frames when this one comes back from the framer. 

My wish for you today... a pleasant surprise that plants a big ole smile on your face. Your visit here puts a smile on my face.


The Bug said...

I think Kat uses this for her Wednesday posts - but it's apparently a meme that's out there somewhere :) I keep saying I'm going to use it myself one of these days.

I am just overwhelmed with sorrow for all of the folks in the world who are suffering. And now Mike & I have this issue with my car now - we don't have the money to spend to fix it, so we'll just be increasing our credit card debt instead. We've been trying so hard to get it paid down.

So we're a little gloomy today, but at least it's spring & March madness takes our mind off our troubles for a while :)

Terri said...

you have a lot on your mind/plate going on....but it does help that it's spring.

Janet M said...

Your Birth record for him turned out just wonderful, nice gift and keepsake. I'm glad your getting your voice back a little and have a wonderful spring, I'm sure it's getting beautiful there.

Mary Beth said...

Love it...


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