Thursday, August 04, 2011


Did you know this was Pet Appreciation Week? Me either! But thanks to an email from Tractor Supply, now I do, and not a moment too soon! So in honor of my pets, here are some images readily available to share.

That's Brenna, top left. She was my sweetheart Border Collie who came from a real working sheep farm in the Adirondacks. Her grandmother travelled to this country from Scotland, pregnant with Brenna's Mama. That is such an "awwww" thing for me. I lost Brenna to what was likely a brain tumor, six years ago. She took to hiding in the bathtub during thunder storms, or sometimes getting wedged under the bed when she got older and it was hard for her to jump up onto the bed to snuggled for comfort. I miss her.

Then there's Juliet, my current sweetheart. She's a rescue, an Akita/Greyhound mix and the Lady of the House. Her name is, officially, "The Lady Juliet." She's my gem. Rigel is to Juliet's right, looking rather dignified in this pose. We adore Rigel, but dignified is not a word I would typically attribute to him. He's a love.

Starting the second row is McKinlee. She's a mess, as one says in the south. She's also a rescue, Yellow Lab/Jack Russell Terrier. That about says it, eh? That explains the mess. And then there's Dooley, my beloved boy who died in my arms a few years ago. Junior called him Mr. Grumpy, because he could get a little grumpy, but he was the best cuddlebug of any dog I've ever had. During the winter I called him my hot water dog because he would curl up against the curve of my lap in bed and keep me warm. I miss him dreadfully. Hokey, the one cat in my life, is from my youth. She gave birth to kittens in my bedroom closet.

And then we have repeating images of the present trio: Rigel, Juliet and McKinlee (she doesn't even look innocent as a pup!). They are our joy and delight, and our lives would be far less interesting if they weren't a part of them.

So here's to our pets, long may they live and warm our hearts.

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