Saturday, August 13, 2011

reporting live in my jammies

That deep sigh of contentment you hear off in the distance is mine. It is the blessed weekend. And this weekend I have a lot of time to myself. A lot. Picture me grinning. Ken is working at the county fair over the next week, which offers me the gift of solitude.

I'm still adjusting to the notion of having a weekend. Saturdays still feel a bit pressured with the anticipation of Sunday morning responsibilities, but after a full week of office hours the weekend is a very welcome thing. All two days of it!

It's been good for my creativity. Sort of. I'm part of a postcard swap, and I finally got my July card out this past Tuesday. Yay! I also managed to make a get well card for a dear one who had surgery earlier this week, and I've been collecting "pins" of various creative projects that are now on my "do" list.

One of the student organizations supported by our Center at work is called OWLs: Older Wiser Learners (I add a comma after the word "older," but acronyms don't seem to recognize punctuation). Friends who follow me on Pinterest will note that I've been pinning owl-related items, and that is why. When we hold our OWLs open house in September I'm planning on making owl cookies, stringing owl garland, and filling owl bags with something or other as giveaways. With all the fabric I've been hoarding I'll also make an owl tote/purse and a couple of other owl cuddlies for door prizes. See pics here (aren't those cookies just the cutest?):
I am so into this. Thank you, Harry Potter!

In the meantime I've decided to play with digital scrapbooking and learn a thing or two about that craft. I am grateful for the efforts of those who have gone boldly before me and written tutorials on the subject. I am benefiting from step by step instructions in Photoshop, and am thrilled to be adding those skills to my humble puddle of graphic abilities. It's been a rather exciting week in that department!

So in spite of my absence from this page--I'm still adjusting to the office hour thing--I'm still up to my usual antics of keeping an eye out for fun and pleasure. Stay tuned for photos of my own versions of the above that will come to life in the coming weeks. I especially need to practice with those cookies.

Ciao, and have have a ridiculously amazing weekend!


The Bug said...

Ooh - I LOVE all those owl things! They're so cute. Why they're almost like PENGUINS. HEH.

Thanks again for the card - it's pretty darn gorgeous!

Terri said...

Absolutely adorable! So creative! And, I am having a good final weekend of my's back to work for me on Tuesday!

Janet M said...

These ideas are all really cute - it sounds like it will be fun.

Jules said...

Well, I joined the "pin" place /now just need to figure out how to view others. These are great...have fun creating. So glad you are one of the Kindred Spirits in the post card exchange!


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