Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday miscellaney

I'm offering miscellaneous thoughts this morning since I will be away from my computer for Monday's round.

Today I am heading off for a university-wide student organization leadership retreat. As part of the administrative team of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership I will spend the next three days with 150 college students. Yay! You heard my cloaked enthusiasm there, right? Of course you did. But seriously, it wouldn't be so bad except that this event is being held at a 4-H camp. Which translates outdoors. In August. In Tennessee. I got very excited when I clicked on a weather icon on a new toolbar on my computer and the highs for Monday and Tuesday were in the 70's. Imagine a sudden improvement in my outlook accompanied by arched eyebrows. Then I noticed that the reading was for somewhere in Ohio. Slump. No such luck here. 90's. I'm packing my best attitude along with my ball cap. Go Blue!

In the good old days--that would be two months ago when free time wasn't limited to weekends (I LOVE weekends!)--it wouldn't feel like the end of the world to lose power in the middle of an online project. Or to spend hours on said project only to discover that it would not work out in the manner I had hoped and it would be necessary to abandon it (in that particular incarnation). I don't despair, but I do wish I could catch a break.

I really hate it when one of the online photo production sites finally offers the sale I've been waiting for but it expires the day I return from being out of town working with college kids. Note to self: start that project anyway so that when the next sale comes I'll be ready for it!

I had a dream last night that included far too many dog containment issues for my comfort. BUT! A part of last night's dreaming also included a difficult, yet triumphant, reconciliation with a friend who dropped out of my life previously. I'm not sure if that's a sign of real possibility or a sign that some healing has taken place. It was the best part of the dream, I can tell you that.

One of the nice things about my new work environment is that I wear regular clothes, as opposed to donning a mostly black and white themed wardrobe. Think accessories! I had a jewelry party the other night that was really fun because I get to pick out all sorts of fun stuff that I can actually wear. Can't wait for those lovelies to arrive!

Anyone need any Pampered Chef? I've got a show going until the end of the month and I'm offering everyone ten percent off, and regular shipping to my out-of-town and -state friends! Discounts taken when I process the order. You can go here to take a look at what you might need (or want). There is a fabulous deal on our grill pan and press being sold as a set this month only. With the additional ten percent off you save $49, plus you qualify for the free guest special (one of our color-coated knives), adding another $15 value to your order. This would make a great gift if it's something you don't need for yourself. Just sayin'! Feel free to share this with your friends who enjoy cooking or love Pampered Chef products.

I'm still working on getting into the scheduling groove of my life's new rhythm. Blogging and reading blogs have been a challenge, but I miss the connection (or what I perceive as such), so I am going to hang in there and try to keep at this effort. I am grateful to those of you who are also hanging in there with me.

Off to pack. Have a great few days until we read again!


The Bug said...

Have fun! Hope you don't melt :)

Boy I have an online photo project that I really need to get working on! The problem is I can't decide what direction to go with it...

Terri said...

Will check out the PC link....hope this time with the college kids is good despite the accommodations, or lack there of...


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