Thursday, August 25, 2011


Let me introduce you to some awesome college students. Yes, the ones appearing in the picture above. The student leadership retreat known as Presidium came to its rockin' conclusion Tuesday, and my small group "Family" took a moment to pose with our Family banner. We were the Beezz Neezz.

The students I got to know represented a fraternity, two soroities, the Equestrian Team+, the Swing Dance Club, Best Buddies (mentoring young people with disabilities), a campus ministry, the Penhellenic Council +(for any non-Greek folks out there, this is sorority-related), a computer club, the sociology club, and our student leader and facilitator.

We had three days full of presentations, motivation, small group discussions, games and lots of food. Throughout Presidium anyone could have copped an attitude resulting from heat, clashes in personalities and differences in opinion, but this group of student leaders were amazingly mature, listened intently (well, except when they weren't scrolling through their phones), and contributed thoughtfully to conversations and discussions. I came away from the retreat appreciative of these very fine representatives of this next generation of leaders and count myself fortunate to work with them.

And now, we're bracing ourselves for the start of school (Saturday) and 26,000+ students on campus.  Let the semester begin!

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