Sunday, October 15, 2006


One of the ways I feel most blessed in my life is by the pets with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing my domicile. The two who now keep me company are Dooley (my Jekyl and Hyde, grumpy snuggle-bug), and Juliet (my sweetheart). When we had a pet blessing service at church a few weeks ago they came and received their blessing, and Juliet even earned the award of Miss Congeniality (this, in spite of a modest stand-off with Roscoe--further evidence that she is also a shrewd judge of character). Here they are in the act of blessing, looking rather peaceful and at ease (not an easy task for Dooley). What mama wouldn't be proud?


samtzmom said...

Awwww.... too sweet! Glad they were "blessed" though having you to love them is a blessing in itself. Hugs to the pooches.

karen said...

Loving the pictures of you with the "kids"....How Great that you got to "bless" your own also!!!

Jules said...

!Can you do a blessing long distance...Just Jack needs all the help he can get!

Love the pics of you and your "kids'.

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