Friday, October 27, 2006


It’s been a busy week, with lots of details to track and attack, and the next few days will continue to be full, though in different ways. The good news is that a lot has gotten done, old lists are obsolete and new ones become so fairly quickly. Works for me!

The bad news is that Junior will not be able to be here for the wedding. He called last night to tell us that he leaves on Sunday for six week’s training at another base. I am heartbroken, and have not found a way to console myself. It’s been difficult enough that others who I had looked forward to sharing that day with won’t be there, but this has flattened me.

There have been other adjustments to make, as well. The perfect shoes I had found (I looked high and low for them!) are too low to wear with the dress. I found another pair (Jayne, we will be twins in different colors!), but they will kill my feet. I think I’ll take both pairs and trade them off depending on need—I don’t want to trip going down the aisle, after all! And yesterday I discovered that the centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner won’t work. Fortunately I found some potted gerbera daisies at Walmart yesterday that will be a great substitute, but I need to work on decorating them appropriately, and am not sure how I will accomplish that.

So the beat goes on, with blips and burps, but at least it goes.


Lighthouses said...

Dear Anne,
I've been following along, reading of the preparation for this lovely event and wish you all the best! I'm sure Junior was just as upset about having to tell you he wouldn't be able to make it as you were hearing it.

Things will work out -- prayers to you!

Audrey (Lighthouses)

karen said...

Oh, Anne I am so sorry to hear about Junior....I am sure he is as disappointed as you and Ken are.
Sounds the all the rest is coming together nicely. Although Jan and I cannot be there in body...we will be in spirit. You will bein our hearts and prayers.

samtzmom said...

Awwww... darn... I hate to hear that Junior won't be there. I know the both of you were so looking forward to his being there, but he'll be there in heart and spirit.

Hey, the shoes really are not too terribly bad comfort-wise all things considered.

I just know everything will fall into place and it will be as lovely a day as you could have ever imagined.

Love and hugs to you both...

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