Tuesday, October 03, 2006

another countdown

Yes, it's really true, the legendary, perpetually "in the works" web site is soon to be unveiled! The site is up, but I need to review some of the payment processing procedures to make sure I've got those ducks in a row before going public. And I have to say, I am terrified! Since I'm not a technically inclined person (squeamish is the word I used with a tech support person recently, and he thought that was hilarious!) I have fears of technical things blowing up in my face, errors upon errors interfering with order processing and a happy shopping experience for my customers. Eek!

I’m sure all will be well, but this is brand new territory for me. Although I have full confidence in the quality of my products and my desire to provide outstanding customer service, I confess that the technical side of things puts me at risk of making a hash of things. It would be wonderful if things go so well that I can afford to hire someone to take those worries off my shoulders, and I can revel in the creative work while someone else revels in the world of bits and bytes, and URL’s. For now, though, this baby is all mine, for better or worse.

What am I always telling people? Breathe. Just breathe.

1 comment:

samtzmom said...

Can't wait to see and to shop at the "store" for all your lovely creations!
Hugs to you as you patiently wade through all this techo scary stuff.

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