Saturday, January 06, 2007


This morning I had an early errand to run, and on my way through the quiet, residential neighborhood en route to my destination I was rather astounded to see a whole posse of cars parked in the vicinity of someone's home. It was 8:30 on a Saturday morning, and they were parked in the driveway, in the yard, and flanked the curbs on either side of the house. On my return home the cars will still there, and I did a quick count: 30!

It had to be a meeting of some kind, and I began to wonder what this sizeable gathering held in common such that they were meeting in someone’s home. A common interest with that number of people will often result in meeting in a place related to that interest: a church, club house, meeting room at an office building or even conference center. But someone’s home, on a Saturday morning? I thought someone might have died, but that was still a lot of cars for paying respects, and pretty early in the morning for such a size.

So I’m curious, and I suspect my curiosity will remain thus, since I don’t know anyone who lives on that street, and don’t feel quite compelled to go knock on their door and inquire just to satisfy my nosey need. But we do wonder about people, don’t we? When we’re at a restaurant and people are in a group, we wonder who they are, and how they’re connected. Or at the airport, where are people going, and why? I once felt inspired to write a novella when I got into a conversation with the two other women who shared a row of seats with me on a plane, and we shared our stories about what compelled our journey.

People are fascinating, for the most part, and we all have stories to tell. Now if only I could find someone to tell me the story about what all those people were doing at that house this morning…


Ruth said...

My first thought was a death in the family. I do think your book on the three ladies who travelling brings them together for a short flight could make a wonderful movie! Interesting thoughts.

madcow said...

I'm going to have to keep coming back to check on this post and see what ideas people come up with! You know of course I'll be awake all night coming up with totally inplausible explanations! LOL Are you sure you can't go knock on the door and ask them just to put me out of my misery?? I think too you should make several "drive by's" to make sure this isn't a regular occurance.

Jules said...

I think they were meeting to scrap and starting out very early!


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