Thursday, January 04, 2007

funeral fashion

I don't know if I'm old-fashioned, out of fashion, or simply confused. Maybe I'm all three. Most funerals I've attended in recent years I haven't had to worry about what I wore, because I had a role in the service and was vested accordingly. As long as my attire was "professional," the rest didn't matter.

Yesterday we attended a funeral where I actually sat in the pew. I always enjoy these opportunities to people-watch and yes, do a bit of fashion critiquing (even if I am clueless, I have opinions!). I was a bit startled to see two women wearing what I call “safari” prints—you know, fabrics made to look like animal skins. Another woman wore a long, chartreuse poncho over brown pants. The color certainly caught my eye! Others were in conventional blacks, browns, grays, and attire that falls under the category of “tasteful.”

Safari prints? Does it matter what one wears to a funeral? I remember being chastised some years ago when I attended my godfather’s mother’s funeral wearing a red tartan kilt and white boiled wool jacket. Too bright and cheerful, was the criticism. Goggy would have applauded, was my view (she was a bit of a spitfire, and proud of her Scottish heritage—I believed I was honoring her with my choice). Maybe the safari prints were a favorite of the deceased, in which case I’ll be the first in line to encourage the choice.

Lord knows that fashion protocol seems to be a thing of the past, but I can’t help but note that at Gerald Ford’s funeral there weren’t any colors popping out from the congregation. (And while we’re on that subject, can I pay the former first lady a compliment? That woman has great legs!) Perhaps this is just another occasion when people don’t necessarily think globally, but act locally nonetheless. KWIM?


Kip said...

I've always been of the impression that one can wear bright colors and don't have to wear those depressing black/browns that you usually see. Some people see a funeral as a celebration of life, hence, the bright colors. I guess it all depends on how you perceive a funeral. In Florida, there is no dress code for them (or for anything else, lol)!


Jules said...

The times they are a changing. I was always taught that sedate clothing was appropriate for funerals and that at weddings one never out did the bride.

I've been to both where people showed up in jeans, tennies and even shorts...what irritates me the most is the cells going off

tiggerrules said...

I have to agree with Jules. I can take any color clothing, but a cell phone going off? No excuse. I'm not much into fashion and at my funeral I want whatever people are comfortable in. I know the funeral is really for those left behind, and I'm quite sure my family pretty much feels the same way. As I think back on my father and my brother's funeral (both were in the same year), I really can't remember anything anyone wore. I'm just grateful they were there to give me and my family hugs. I guess it is all in the perspective.


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