Tuesday, January 23, 2007

let there be light!

Sometimes big joy can come from simple things. Like changing a light fixture (or two!). When we moved into our house we inherited a less than attractive light over the dining area, and two fluorescent fixtures in the kitchen—one over the sink, and the other over the space where we have placed a butcher block cart that is an essential work space. I can’t stand fluorescent light in a home—to me it’s clinical and cold.

Over the weekend we made a trip to Home Depot and got new light fixtures, which Ken has since installed. Ah, what joy to have the glow of warm light in the kitchen! It’s especially welcoming first thing in the morning when we aim in the dark for the coffee pot, and flip that switch. We are now bathed in soothing light, rather than shutting our eyes against the glare of the old bulbs. Bliss comes in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes as ethereal as the glow from a light fixture.

(note: the photo is not of our lights, but captures the glow)


Jayne said...

Yes indeed, light can make such a difference! So glad you are bathed in the glow. Hugs to you and Ken.

Jules said...

Love a soft glow...will think of you basking in the glow while having your morning java. Miss you!

tiggerrules said...

Hi Anne....
Haven't "seen" you in awhile, and wanted to stop by and say hey! The lighting is lovely. It is the simple things isn't it? Have a good one.


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