Thursday, January 11, 2007

staying afloat

In the last few days while issuing sailing commands I’ve been reminded of a favorite book: First you Have to Row a Little Boat. Although it may appear to be a book about sailing, the author, Richard Bode, draws on his experiences of sailing as metaphor for dealing with life. It is a wonderful book, full of wisdom, and beautifully written. I think it is so good that when I first read it I bought about ten copies to distribute to various family members and friends that I knew enjoyed sailing, or at least had spent some time on the water.

After writing yesterday’s blog entry I decided it was time to read the book again (this will be the third go ‘round), but, “Eeeeekkkk!” I haven’t been able to find it! It was an ordination gift from a seminary classmate, and the card that came with the gift is still tucked in the front, so simply ordering another copy won’t do. The search is on.

In the meantime, I am making slow and steady progress wading through clutter and clearing decks to be productive here. There’s a new product on which I want to begin work, but I also need to bring some order to the details of last year for tax season. I have never let those matters go as badly as in the last twelve months, and I am now paying the price. My work is cut out for me. Let’s hope for a fair breeze to get me through it.

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Jules said...

This is just too eerie! That and the other one by him, A Little Blue Boat (or something like that) are two of my all time favorite books along with Walking Across Egypt, which never fails to leave with tears of laughter!


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