Friday, June 22, 2007


The last couple of weeks have been dominated by adjustments. Returning to full-time, on site work has required a change in schedule, a rearrangement of tasks, and an evaluation of priorities. It has also worn me out! Before long I will adapt to the changes, but at the moment I feel like I'm scrambling to cover the necessary bases and get things done.

Still, these have been a good couple of weeks. I am enjoying my time at St. Paul's. The staff is wonderful, and there is great ease in working with them and finding my way toward being part of them. They have been welcoming and patient as I ask questions (often interrupting their own work to do so), and fitting in has been easy. My first Sunday went well and I was greeted warmly by parishioners. It is a blessing to be here.

This weekend Ken is off fishing so I am hoping to tend to some domestic chores. But I also want to cook (perhaps for the week!), and read, and maybe do a little weeding in the garden. Then again, I may simply take a nap...

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