Friday, June 29, 2007

yard art

I was reminded by a picture on Jules' blog that I had this one in the "archives." I took it last summer when we went to CT to help Mom move, and we drove past this yard with its ecclectic display. It's harder to appreciate in a single angle view (you really have to click on the image to enlarge it) but it's a hodge-podge of stuff.

I'm pretty fussy about what looks good in a yard, and though I love landscaping and flower beds, I do think there is such a thing as too much. On the flip side there is also the minimalist approach, which by definition I guess one could infer that I believe is too little!

Our own yard is still a work in progress, and shows NO progress since we got a couple of beds tilled and planted and a soaker hose laid out, now almost six weeks ago. It's been a combination of dreadful heat and a lack of time. Mulch bags are still stacked on the walkway! The coming weeks don't look good for any more progress, but perhaps for the neighbors' sake we'll at least relocate the mulch bags. Then again, a cool front would definitely be welcome! It's at times like this that I miss the chance of such things that occur more readily in more northern climates. Sometimes it's just hard to be a Yankee transplant...


Kip said...

Hey, they appear to be democrats so how bad could they be, lol!!!
I've done nothing in my yard at all...too damn hot!

Jayne said...

That's an err... interesting yard scene there. LOL... definitely a bit much. I know what you mean about the heat. It's been even hotter down this way, and it makes you not want to exert yourself at all. Hugs and love!

Jules said...

We're hoping the afternoon rains will help with our new plants. I'll put up pics soon, I promise.

Aren't you going to put bikes up in your trees? lol

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