Thursday, June 07, 2007


Last week on my way to visit my goddaughter I stopped at a Starbuck's in Asheville for a quick cup of joe. While polluting my coffee with sweetener and cream, I noticed a flyer advertising a quilt show tacked to the bulletin board above the pollution station. The dates coincided with my return through Asheville, and I made a note of the web site for more information to see if a detour on my way home would be feasible.

Turns out it was, and I was treated not only with scenic back roads on the way to the show, but some lovely, clever and inspiring quilts as well. I miss fabric, but my life and our space at home is already overflowing with other activities and commitments, so to bring out the sewing machine and find a place to set up simply won't work. Later. The fabric will keep.

In the meantime I enjoy the inspiration derived from the creativity of others--colors, patterns, techniques, images and messages all working together to deliver a gift to my soul. I will get back to it some day. That day is just out there in the future somewhere.

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Jayne said...

Wow... how very beautiful! Just a feast for the eyes. Glad your detour worked out.

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