Sunday, June 24, 2007


If I were my neighbor across the street, I'd be fuming. The local electric company has contracted with a tree service to remove tree limbs that threaten power lines. These guys go the extra mile, however, and decimate the species! This formerly lovely maple is now entirely below line level, even though only one side of the tree was within reach of the power line. Egad! I'm grateful that we have only one tree with a few limbs that hover above the line that runs to our house, and I will be expeditious when Ken returns home from his fishing trip to get him to remove only what is necessary so that our tree isn't at risk from the hackers. These guys can't begin to tout themselves as professionals, since the evidence of removal shows they don't know what they're doing! Our neighbors used to have two lovely trees that we could see from our house. The remaining stumps are a scar on the streetscape, and these trees will never be the same. Good Lord, deliver us!


Pam in Moncton said...

Oh that's terrible! There was an article in our paper the other day where the reporter followed the two city arborists around and saw what they did. They even had him go up a tree a ways. Anyway these two are true professionals. Their aim is always to save the trees as much as possible and cut only when necessary. The only ones they would cut right down would be diseased trees to save others or to prevent them falling on a house or something. And what to they do in their spare time? Each of them has private tree-care companies so people can call on them when their own trees need help. They do a wonderful job. It's too bad that isn't the case everywhere.

Jayne said...

ACK! is right. Wonder why they can't just "trim" the tree away from the lines? That's horrible. I hope you all are able to save yours from such a fate. Hugs!

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