Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It would be a stretch to say that I have been longing to create this look in the bathroom, but ever since I saw this done in my PC director's guest bath I wanted to replicate it at home. Spurred on by the gift of a candle that matches the shower curtain perfectly (thanks, Mom!), I finally set out in search of companion candles to make this look possible. The woven basket is a PC product (and yes, you can order one through me to have this very same look in your own bathroom!)Ken suggests that it could be dangerous to sit on the toilet while the candles are lit. I suggest that sometimes we simply must live dangerously.


Jayne said...

Love it! So elegantly beautiful, and like you, I am in agreement that sometimes we simply must live!

Janet M said...

It looks really pretty Anne. Tell Ken it will be fine!


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