Tuesday, February 19, 2008

take a good look

Through the networking group to which I belong I learned about a carpet cleaning special being offered this month. With three dogs (including one that still needs to work on his housebreaking skills), two overloaded adults who don't get to vacuum as often as necessary, and a much-too-light carpet (why would anyone choose this color?) you can imagine that our carpets were in need of some attention. The challenge, particularly in my office, was to get things off the floor so that the carpet could be cleaned.

In anticipation of that necessity I spent most of Sunday dealing with the various piles that were on the floor, my desk, and other surrounding surfaces. I am happy to report that significant progress was made. Papers were pitched, others were sorted and/or filed, and a few strategic piles were created to make it easier to deal with them from this day forward. There are some "things" that presently occupy space in the guest room, and those will be dealt with next since we will be having a visit from Mom next month, and sharing the bed with stacks of items that don't have a place of residence in our house is probably not her idea of hospitality.

I'll take progress one step at a time. At the moment I can celebrate less clutter and a clean floor in my office, seen in this picture. What you don't see is the box of new Pampered Chef products that I received for free. It's been relocated to the dining area for the time being until I can find a place to put my new goodies. Inevitably the open floor seen here will begin to disappear as I need a place to set things. Piles will accumulate once again, and the process of sort and purge will repeat itself. While it's in its present state of semi tidiness I thought I'd at least share the pleasure. Enjoy--this won't last long!


Jayne said...

Looks like we've both got the "get organized" bug! Looks great!

Jules said...

You have been one busy lady, pal. Isn't it great that we shall be seeing Clare IRL!

Pam in Moncton said...

Ooo...looks nice to me! I have a floor in my space. I think...it's somewhere...

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