Monday, February 11, 2008

feeling a little like normal

It's been a full weekend. Saturday Ken and I headed southeast to Winchester, TN, and a store called Hammer's. I think Hammer's opened its doors in the 1950's, and they haven't updated the place since. Prices haven't stayed stuck in time, but the overhead at Hammer's is so low that they are able to keep their prices there as well. We found pants that Junior had asked for at half of what you would pay at Bass Pro, and Ken got a new sportscoat for $40, marked down from $150. After Hammer's we stopped at Arnold AFB to shop at the commissary and Class-Six store (selection isn't great, but we don't pay tax), then went on to Murfreesboro and St. Paul's so I could pack up my books and clear out the office. Unfortunately I forgot my vestments, so I will have to go back another time to fetch those, but now I no longer have keys and will have to arrange to be let in. Let's just say I was grateful for a beautiful day, because that was not a fun task.

Yesterday's activities were domestic in nature. I made sausage gravy for breakfast, and Ken and I had our own devotional time at home instead of going to church. I actually got to start the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle in the morning instead of waiting until after dinner; I unpacked the books from my office and tried to find places for them on the bookshelves. Much of the solution was to double up, and place one row of books in front of another. Oh well, that will have to do for now. I didn't really get much cleaning done, but we were a laundry whirlwind. Other odds and ends kept me busy, though I don't have much to show for it.

Today I will make an effort to tidy up in various places in the house. A friend from St. P's is coming up tomorrow to take me to lunch, and it would be nice if the house were presentable. My office is always a candidate for cleaning, but as such it will still be here tomorrow! I have a PC show tonight and I'd like to organize my stuff a bit more efficiently, so there is that to tend to as well.

In the midst of activity I am also doing the work of grieving and moving on. The support and perspective that have come my way have been very valuable, and I will try to carve out some time and space to reflect on some nuggets of wisdom I have received. There are some real riches to be mined.

Right now a little breakfast to go with what is left of my coffee sounds like the first order of today's business. Wish some of you could come join me (there's leftover sausage gravy, and it's good!). To my friends at CHA, I wish I was there with you.

May your day be blessed!

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Jayne said...

Well now, I think that book case looks splendid! Have actually been to Hammer's too! Good bargains. The sausage gravy sounded wonderful. Hugs and blessings to you dear friend.


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