Thursday, February 07, 2008

words don't cut it

To my knowledge, I've been in touch with or talked to the people who read this blog regularly to let them know of the current upheaval in my life. It was not easy news to share, and as I process and cope with its impact I find myself in familiar territory. It's no mean feat to straddle the line between hurt and hope, nor to tend to private pain that becomes increasingly public. I've been there and done that, and it's not the kind of ordeal that one welcomes.

Still. I find myself overwhelmed by the calls, emails, and expressions of support that I am receiving. It is humbling to receive love, and in its presence I find myself crumbling in a good and healthy way. Tears flow and my soul shakes with grief and loss. The dross of what has been inflicted is being rinsed away, and in its place there is light and encouragement. This doesn't make the road ahead easy, but it lightens the load and diminishes the shadows that all too frequently line the path of healing and recovery.
In the presence of love God not only surrounds but inundates me with his saints who bolster, cheer, and embrace me with their faith and their confidence. I could not ask for better company in my life.
To all of you, thank you, thank you. I love you in return more than you can possibly imagine.


Kip said...

We all love you Anne!


karen said...

Not sure what's going on, Anne....Please know you are in my prayers....
Love and Hugs

Jayne said...

Will try and catch up with you this weekend. You have been in my prayers. :c)

Jules said...

E and I think about you lots hoping this is not a door closing but another opening wide for you. Love, J


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