Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a new life

Yesterday Junior's friend Nicole (mother of our bathing beauty, Natalie), gave birth to a new member of the family, a sweet boy who is as yet unnamed. Ken had a rain day so joined me on a small road trip to Kentucky to meet the little one and take some goodies to the exhausted Mom and her kids. It ended up being a gorgeous day, and we enjoyed the pastoral scenery as well as the architecture of Hopkinsville.

Today has been a hodge podge of tending to Junior's truck (long story), putting him on an airplane, doing some work for Ken, and caring for Ema. This afternoon the little rascal climbed out of her pen onto the dining room table. This is the third time she has done that. Maybe I'll catch her in the act one of these days with the camera and you can see for youself what a little minx she is!

Happy hump day!

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